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So I asked Krystyna Sarrazin 2nd District Alderman for help getting the Chateau on the City of Racine register of historic places, since she sits on the City’s Preservation Commission  (and the City offers no information on line for this.)

Well been about a week and all I get are excuses of why she has not been able to so so.

Mostly the City has not been responsive  to her. Wow An Alderman being blown off by the City of Racine is nothing new, in fact I get told that all the time that is bad enough,now here we are trying to get our house up to high standards we think the house needs to be at, right?

Why is this information is so hard to get? IMHO only just folks working at the City of Racine doing what they do best …nothing.

Sadly, I am one of the few in the City of Racine the only one IMHO in my area of the City of Racine who is willing to invest greatly in property to make the property special.

So I will call my pal Matt on Monday to see if I can get his help perhaps talk to both him and his boss on both my short and long term Goals with the idea of working with  the City in doing so.