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Where to begin?

Well on Tuesday I was before the City Board of Health to talk Urban Chickens. Story was run in the local Paper you can see it here! http://journaltimes.com/news/local/new-pitch-for-backyard-chickens/article_4ad77e5b-65ee-53d8-a510-9f106568828d.html

As I expected the local paper to cover the Story I did not expect The Largest Radio Station in the State to do so!

I was on both the Top of the hour news reports from 10:00 AM on but a News segment at 4:30 Wednesday!

Got a few phone calls in support and next steps are being planed we have a Facebook group for the idea at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Racine-Urban-Chickens/1446262382283539?ref_type=bookmark   Come by and give us a like.

So here I am at City Hall after the meeting with the board of Heath and Boom stop by to see my pal Matt. at City Development and got not only the Paperwork to put the home on the Registry of Historic Places received valuable information on details on why or why not we should go ahead with the idea.

Matt said that His department was working with Public Works on my idea I shared with Matt on my perfect world as my  end of the block goes.

This same week I had a run in with a City Worker who was having a very bad day it happens but I wanted to track down what Worker told me about the City doing something on my property that lead me to a great long talk with the Head of Public Works not only on what the City was planing to do with my Property (Nothing the Hill is too steep) but Mr. Y went into detail about what he has found out about my Property and the mystery about what was across the street from my home in the 1900’s

Oh yes another blighted Property on the Block is coming down

plus Mr. Y found even more clues! That takes us to a great conversation with the Archivist about my Book ideas. I just love the Heritage Museum to death!

The Closing city note is the manager of Mound Cemetery stoped Friday to gather share information and he added to the past of this area that being a vet from the Rev War was burred in this area that was once called Root River Cemetery

Of course if you live around Racine WI you know we had that real heavy T Storm and over an 1″ of Rain high winds

You guest it the Roof leaks that sucks. One might expect something after that downpour and winds. Very Glad we got the Roof “Fixed” Trees Trimmed in back Gutters fixed up, or would have been much worse of a leak

But that issue is for another post.

Not in the 15 years I have lived here have we  seen so much City action from helping me look into the History to removing blighted Buildings

I am thankful for that