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Once again we are faced with issues with the Home, after last Week’s heavy storms, we find the the Roof “Patch” is well not what is was billed to be.

Along with other events is was looking like a shit storm of trouble. Wait was it or maybe something more.

In fact could it be a call to creative thinking of/for long term solutions, this is where ideas get wild.

As you know the basics on the home with a mystery or two we are exploring, with the help of others in the City of Racine Goverment, more information is coming in only deepening the mysteries.

A very cool element is occurring, the more folks I talk too the more who tell me,they like to see the place+ be willing to pitch a few $$   to do so.

So the thought came to me why not set the Upstairs Ship Room as a part of a tourist stop to show how this house looked like in the Glided Age.

Part of this is of course the Dr Fortune idea and how this will fit in to the overall plan, create an component of fun, that almost anyone who wishes to can be part of.

So I with the help of my great wife starting to set  up the upstairs to be a attraction as well as the Green House and our Raised Heb gardens set up as they would been in 1905 to feed the Homestead.

All the possibilities!