We all have read the news on the V.A. in some areas not well from what I read some areas not doing what they should be, this is sad when from the news so far looks like some Adim types need to be put out on the streets vs work in a area that our Vets should come first.

Thankfully My Father (USAAF Vet WW II) My Step Dad Lee  (USMC Korea) and myself (USA Cold War) have only had good treatment 90% of the time after my less then nice time at one place in North Chicago The V.A. looked into what happened and fixed it, can’t beat that.

So I just like to thank the V.A. In Kenosha for doing a great job, far better then with the overworked understaffed clinics should be doing.

I know I will be writing my Elected officials on providing MORE resources to care for the Men and Women our leadership is so quick to send in harms way