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Been told NOT to mix issues on this blog, that everything  everything on this blog should only positive, that nothing bad should ever be written about other then home restoration issue, even they should be written in the best light possible.

Kinda like we speak with my 80+ Mom, Kittens and Puppies however that would be a lie, since part of this effort at the Chateau is fixing the neighborhood this all fits together as one.

That is where issues are coming up.


in the 80’90’s the West 6th st area was seen as an unsafe area when we moved here got told why are you doing something that dumb?

IN fact our kids pals would not come over and one of our Daughter’s Boyfriends refused to date her since she was going to live in an area of mostly Blacks  (Yes Racine has a race issue)

Well, with great work by the Racine Police Department, Racine Neighborhood Watch, and Mayor Gary Becker,= the influx of Hispanic  families this area started to turn around took some time but by 2002-2010 was like day and night.

My Neighbor buying at that time 2 drug houses and a troubled duplex turning them into good housing for good folks was key




In the last few months to say a year I and others have seen a drift to the old days, started finding evidence of Drug activity on 6th st.

Now we have what I think are 2 drug houses in the area add to this a Mayor John Dickert cutting the Police Department by a number of officers+ a new leader in Neighborhood watch who seams more interested in beautification projects then helping Neighborhoods fight crime, this is starting to cause more issues such as more petty crimes, open air Drug sales are easily visible on 6th St even during the day.

This is not good.

I and others are upset on how long it takes now for a PPD car to come for a call and how hard it is to speak our COP officer.Some have waited weeks for a return phone call and myself waited hours to see a Police officer so a police report can be filed.

We have gotten a lot of answers of why this is but they contradict themself, in no way do we think its the fault of the RPF who I fell is overworked and understaffed.

Truly sad my neighborhood has fought hard to take back the streets from the thugs to lose the battle now. I also hear talk of folks getting out not waiting to deal with drug houses thugs the petty crime this brings , as well in time perhaps the more top end crime.