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Short Summer and do want to Blog about having no progress on anything good here nor do I want to bitch about the uptick in Petty crime due to the new Drug activity in this Neighborhood.

I will talk about the strange sightings that my wife saw a few days ago.

As you know our house has a wooded area that wildlife use as habitat, you also know that our property borders on the Root River in a away that allow Wildlife to use the Root to travel long distances, that we have seen Wildlife ranging from Raccoons to Coyote run in this area the same that one can see in many urban areas.

Well a few days ago the head wife downstairs taking some meds noticed one of our dogs who was outside barking at something near her Run, being a Malumute was strange that this was not a I am going to eat you Bark but more of a  OH MY GOD SOMEONE HELP ME one, very strange

more so when my wife went to investigate more  and this beast about the same size as Panda turned to face Barb showing that the thing had Red Beady eyes before walking slowly into the Wood line, in the morning I saw no tracks to idea it by and no other evidence  to show what it might have been.

By Barb’s description, thinking that we had a visit from a Hodag!

No we do not live near the Hodag’s running ground of central Wisconsin, However I am thinking that like any other critter it used the River highways to see the sites, why not?

Perhaps too being that my home has Pucks and may have have been a site of Indian mounds that we will attract from time to time other paranormal entities.


Interesting, I ho hope that Hodags eat drug dealers