With this cold weather the Garden is about done, I make sure to look for any Potatoes I have missed, my wife will be getting the last few Herbs out soon, but basically the Garden is done.

Potatoes did well as did the Asparagus, the Tomatoes did O.K. Wife is pleased with the Herbs all in all let’s grade the effort a C- this year.

We may come to regret this. Why? Well soon I think all hell is coming our way and we will need all the food   we could have raised even this year a few more LBS of Potatoes Tomatoes to can be a good idea. Herbs for flavoring etc a good thing.

Point being its time to quit playing.

This is all on me, I need to do more real actions all I can do then have Faith in the All Mighty God to do what I can not.

I do hope we have two years to prepare we will need every day

Improving the Home Gardening areas will be the easy effort.

Side note this early Fall shows me how hard even something we take for granted Heat is something we may not be able too not liking 50 in the house not liking $400 heating bills more