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This Summer Fall needs a redo.

Projects fell apart efforts went nowhere fast. Just like standing in a pool of Tar no traction no real movement no nothing.

The Urban Ag effort failed when the truck quit working, my fellows in the area showed me what they thought of my efforts in creating a large effort by doing nothing.

Thankfully Refuge Church did use the area but since its away from the Church the area will  not be used next year so the remediation needed (Adding 12″ of Compost then tiling into the Soil) will not be  happening not hoping for much as I write this in early November.

The changes in my Wife’s Health insurance   took 5K out of our income so even the small repairs we hoped to undertake this year we were not able to.

There is more but I do not do this blog to whine about what I can not control, Why?

After all I am not doing this Blog to whine but to show what is going on with this house and what we are doing in order to save the home moving forward trying the best we can and having FAITH.

Funny word Faith to believe what you can not see/touch or maybe understand will make events better

Guess that is what we have left, faith in God.

Faith in God and to go down swinging.

So in light of that going to bring back Dr Fortune do some writing efforts I stopped when working hard to save the Urban Farm idea.

Interesting thing is how my writing the Blog post that I thought would bum me out has instead helped me to see to know that Faith in God is so cool.

One thing I was able to do is sleep better, that by when I go to bed I pray for others vs toss and turn, tell God how grateful I am for what I do have and in doing so my sleep as been much better.

Another effort I just started but have high hopes for is to purge the hateful folks out of my life I do not need to be swallowed up in what I call the Cesspool of filth that is so much part of this City.

Thinking that filling the void that may leave with Love of others to seek out how I can help others to in fact scale DOWN efforts and plug them into a more focused vision is part of God’s plan, if not He will have to tell me.

Maybe this Summer/Fall was God saying refocus! If so and in any case He will be sure we have what we need.