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Zombie Homes  a brief explanation can be found here http://www.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/hundreds-of-zombie-homes-plague-milwaukee-neighborhoods-b99276701z1-260613161.html

We have this issue in Racine too in fact on my block



Are the two on my block that have been eye sores for many years.

This week should see them both come down, leaving just empty lots.

This will cause other issues:

1) Some of my well new neighbors will see the empty lots as a place to park cars.

2) The Empty lots will attract fools who will dump tires and old cars. Some will try to use the lots as places to fix cars.

3) The empty Lots will become highways for Drug thugs   to move from area to area without being seen by the Racine Police Department.

One of the lots across the street from my home I fear will be a big issue for all the above listed reasons.

I will be talking to the Racine UNIT and Racine Police Department to see what proactive measures can be done to mitigate them.

Hope we can get Cars parked towed and if tires left removed quickly.

Will be interesting