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Yesterday 11/16/14

Head Wife and I went to the Weight Pull held by the Wisconsin Malamute Club in Singer WI.

We took the K Dog with us. This was his first Weight Pull You can see him above in his harness.

At 30 Degrees a bit cold for me but not for Malamutes a cold weather working breed.

About 16 other dogs there to pull from Pit Bulls to Huskies. I think the K-Dog had a crush on a few.

He did O.K. at his first event wanting more to play and get treats then pull. he gave up at 1050 LBS about 10 times his body weight.

Lillie his great grandmother pulled 45 times her body weight in her prime

Wild seeing the small Pit Bulls pull and all the dogs looked like they enjoyed pulling.

Head wife thinks we are going to try the K Dog’s Sister Belle at weight Pulling. Fox Fire (The Kennel Name) as a reputation for being great pullers.

All and all a great time and I think the next time we go I will ask to see what I can do to help at the event if only to keep a bit warmer.

My thanks to the young couple who took the K-Dogs photo