The City Contractors took this house down on the 12.

Unlike the first house the job went fast,contractors did a great job with communication left far less of a mess.

The rubble has to be removed if Friday was any judge that should pose little of an issue for them.

Best of all the Contractor worked with myself and the City to preserve an Iron Rail fence going back at least to 1900 if not longer.

With the permission of the contractor, we save windows to use a part of a cold frame a few tools to use in the Garden.

The Block looks very different with this Zombie house gone, we have taken steps to prevent dumping of trash on the lot or the lot being used as a parking space.

I understand that the city will use the lot to view Frank Ave from the West to start enforcement action on properties not even trying to pick up trash nor maintain yards.

Bonus this will be it’s own post the Parks department came by took the long tour became infected with the Chateau Fever very cool!

was wild seeing Mr. M eyes go wide as he saw the stone work, the old steps and more evidence that much work was done in the past by the ethnic groups living here in the early 1900’s