End of the year, getting ready fox Xmas with the Kids.

Will not be as big as in other years. Due to medical Bills and changes in Health Insurance we owe $$$$ that we have to pay then the amount wife pays to have it is more oh well.

Price of Gas has gone down.

Property Taxes is about what it was last year so that is good.

Waiting to hear back from the City about my ideas for the Pathway near the Chateau was told from the Head of the parks take a bit to get back with me after he took the tour He was a bit upset to see the trash in the Park from Frank Ave thinking we see good things.

On other fronts still the same trusting in God in so much, then with Xmas I think of all the things God has done for me/mine being Xmas He has shown time and again He does care far more then I think Faith can be hard

Anyway hope you and yours have the best Xmas ever and its not about the gifts we gave its about the Birth of Jesus with the Gift of His Birth and the Gift of Salvation

Merry Xmas