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Hope you all had a good New Year’s and the year is off to a good start.

Here not much is going on after the Zombie Houses went down. Got to nice big lots that will stay empty for sometime with 233 Jones Lot going for 24K for just the lot, will know Monday 1/12/15 if the City might get the lot to put with the Park both that lot and ours borders on, we will see.

The Empty lot now allow the City to see and deal with issues on Frank Ave due to a few owners not keeping up with trash clean up to basic repairs nor talking with the City for help to do so.

I am NO fan of the elected leadership of the City of Racine however the everyday City of Racine worker does a great job with the public very thankful to them for the efforts. IMHO if the property owners on Frank Ave called the City the property owners would find the city workers helpful.

Going into 2015 with many issues we had in 2014 the Roof still being one of them. Looks like the patch we paid $$ for is for shit, even with a signed contact I feel very little recourse without lots of $$ for lawyers, also think when we win would we be able to enforce a judgement?

Got a few idea going to try to earn $$ for the home repairs needed from Mushroom growing a Worm Farm to well writing E Books  something has got to change.

Some ideas failed Dr Fortune idea did not work out nor did the larger Garden the garden due to not having a truck  to use (far away to walk with my health issues) in fact I had to junk the truck.

I could bitch and gripe but why? What good does that do? Trust me it does NO good to bitch/gripe other then to add to issues to deal with.

Still fighting with the bill collectors over the V.A. the VA been very good over this the collectors not so much do not understand why as I was told they do not send the bill to the right V.A. office vs call me screaming I do not understand