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As you may know, I found evidence of some type of path leading from my end of Jones St into the Park land below

I have talked to both Aldermen and the Parks department about this.

Mr. Mobeck (sp?) has come over and took what I call the .50 tour of the bottom of this path came out in the early 1900’s. Tom also shared information on the Root River at the point in runs by my home.

We were going to talk long before we manged to do so the City Budget hearings with the holidays managed to postpone this until last week.

To make a long story short he liked my idea about the City adding 233 Jones St to the Park below to help create a path from this area of West 6th St Racine to Clayton Park.

This would allow tho things:

1) A way for residents of this area to access the Park/Root River without having to walk 6+blocks for a way to do so.

2) This would help preserve the Woodline and the Park from fools who will use the lot at 233 Jones for car repairs dumping Oil Anti Freeze etc on the land causing run off that would effect the Park and the Root River.

Tom, will be presenting this idea to City of Racine Leadership very soon if not all ready.

The Rootworks project calls for more access to the Root River this sure does that.

Keep you posted