Time for some random thoughts about the old Chateau,where we stand that sort of thing. The idea being is to do more writing on this blog for as I see things this blog is the most effective way of putting information out on the Chateau/happenings.

First we do some up dating I no longer write for   The Wisconsin Daily Independent, in fact have not done so for some time. I switched my blog to the Belle City Reporter, trying to post more stories on the nice things going on but I have found the public does not want to read about Boy Scouts or a bake sale would much rather read about this scandal or that crime unsure why just what I am finding out.

The Roof Patch we got that was going to fix the leak issue has not if we had the $$ we sue the contractor 1) we do not have the $$ to sue 2) would we be able to collect a judgement?

I must find away to explain to the head wife that you can not get good craftsmanship cheep, that that work also takes time. I do not have any idea how to even start that talk but its one we must have. One can not expect a skilled workman to work for free or be quick if you want the job done right.

We used Angie’s List to find the roofer and quickly found out that unlike what some would like you to think they do not check backgrounds or references that’s up to you (as it should be)

So the Roof is still a huge priory to get fixed other issues that need addressing are:

Cracks in the plaster ceilings

Water Damage in the upstairs bathroom

Water Damage in the Den ceiling

Restoring the Green House

Erosion of the Hillside

New Roof for the Garage (its got holes)

I could go on but it make me only more depressed then I am now