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Followed up with Tom by phone on Friday.

He had his meeting with the City of Racine City Administrator was told that NO money for RootWorks would be used for my Parks idea. I saw that coming after all this area of 6th St is 100 yards from the border of the Rootworks plan and well has far too many Blacks and Hispanics living in the neighborhood vs well off White that I and others see is why Rootworks is in existence for in other words Gentrification is key to making Rootworks successful making The Root River more accessible to Blacks and Hispanics is not part of this idea.

Mind you Tom did not say this, as others have said time and again   Gentrification is key to both Rootworks and the Uptown Plan for Racine.

Tom is going ahead to have staff come up with a cost for my idea as part of a plan to find grants that may allow this to move forward. He will also make the Parks board aware of my idea.

Once this takes place he thought the next step be to gather volunteers to see if the brush could be cleared out perhaps other artifacts be recovered to help explain what this pathway was.

My thanks to Tom for his help in this, he can only do so much so fast, I am very thankful for all he has done and information he has given me.