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First of all I must thank the City of Racine Public Works for the great job they have been doing with snow removal this Winter.

We only had two big snow storms that helps, still the City Public Works gutter by our Mayor to the Bone if not deeper has done a very very good job.

The mayor issue on Jones st comes from folks not following the alternative side parking preventing the City plows from doing snow removal, a few years ago this got so bad that Jones and Frank could not be driven on, the City had to close the streets in question and very cool equipment used to blow snow into HUGE trucks quite the effort to observe.

Not that bad this year just a bit trying at times but it is Winter in Wisconsin.

Soon it will be Spring and Mud season for a few weeks.


Side bar

Very surprised of others NOT in the Winter not having the basic tools in a car needed for safety that being

A few Blankets

A shovel

a few Candy Bars or the like