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Well guess we have not seen the end of Winter yet.

Looks like the last week or so of February will be cold as the rest of the month was.

Hope that March starts to warm up soon. Yes I do know we will still have until perhaps May before we can get in the Gardens and plant, however there is clean up still to do along with other chores.

This Winter did not see the snow that other places did we did get the cold.

Am thankful for less snow, the City of Racine cut back even more on snow removal (but not on the Mayor’s pals getting paid) having neighbors have not been very good at following the parking rules would have made things fun, but with less snow not a huge issue.

Early this month the House we here call the crazy house moved away we here all hope that where ever they might be that they all get the help that from what I and others observed they need badly.

The empty lot that was called 233 Jones is a lot listed for 12,5 after talking to the City few think that there will be a rush buy the lot.

With God only knowing what is in the soil at that location thinking other then Sunflowers be no effort to do much planting had my fill of dealing with contaminated soil.

Sun is up earlier sets later that is very cool to see.

Perhaps soon we will see the return of the Geese