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Did you hear that I hate Winter right?

Well now that it’s mid March with the last few days being about normal, the snow pack in the yard has quickly melted, the mud mostly dries up.

Snow is still in the Raised beds the clear area still a muddy mess. So it will be a bit before I get in them to set up the cold frames, will resist getting ready to go too early that would not go well.

The Weather will get cold our nights are still below freezing heck its still Winter no big rush, still there are actions I can do such as sharpen tools get an idea what the wife wants in the Cold Frames that sort of thing.

We got the Maples taped, this year the Head Wife tapped one of the Walnut trees too She understands that syrup can be obtained the same way its gotten from the Maple trees, we will see right.

Thinking that the Basement was too cold for the Earthworms that is a set back same with the Mushrooms.

We simply could not keep the Basement at 60 with the high cost of energy, no blame just the facts.  Have to try something else. next Winter, we will see.

With the nicer temps more Sunlight my Moods are doing better but so much my Blood Pressure Oh well. Maybe if I made better food choices.

Going to plant Bee friendly flowers on the two empty lots on Jones St here and perhaps Frank Ave too, seeds are cheep.

The Chicken Law comes up for a vote soon I hope for the best but not invested in the idea be far too costly to do for us, my neighbors who do it now will not follow the law and for the vast majority of Racine will think the same thing. It is a start should it pass can be changed.