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You will see many changes in the blog with the starting of Spring, a lot of reflection over the Winter and the early days of this Spring has shown me one fact and a major one at that, this being that in  long term the City of Racine will be going the way of Detroit in perhaps 5 years perhaps 10 years but it is going in that direction.

When Racine files for Bankruptcy, this will have effects on the County and the State of Wisconsin.

I, like so many others simply chose to disregard the facts from our high rate of Debt service, the loss of population, the poor still declining schools, with a newspaper who IMHO is not only not reporting bad news BUT not even checking the basic facts of our Mayor’s statements as he runs for reelection.

Now the decline of Racine did not happen overnight lots of folks had a share of blame in the turn of events in the events over say the last 20 years.

I do NOT plan to document that here I have done so in other blogs. I will make sure I put up the links to them.

However with my new believe of the strangeness to come, the effort here will be to restore the home as an Island in the sea of chaos to come. Not as some Bunker but as say a refuge a last stand a place of I hope safety as long we can do so, after all unlike many others who have fled and will flee we got no place to go.

If we are to die in place in our Chateau I plan to make a fight of the last days and to die on my feet not as a slave

This effort will be what is reflected here


God Bless you all