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Well as the UNIT said come nice weather, we would see fools park on the lots of the torn down homes yes we have, followed what we where told I.E. call the police and NOTHING!!!

Seems it’s O.K. to park on others property and the police in Racine are powerless to do anything.

Worse in this case the owner can’t be contacted for a no consent to trespass due to living in a nursing home not being competent could be quite the to do for this.

My Dad would have took a Baseball bat to the headlights but we will work with Law enforcement.

Mind you we would not care if next up be the Car owners changing oil doing work on cars dumping oil etc  making a huge mess not picking it up and I for one do not want Gas/Oil etc going into My Wood line or the Park.

Will be following up with the UNIT to see the status of the effort to prevent more parking. Looks like everyone over 18 owns at least one car some two or three our neighbors next door have 4 cars for three adults all together in the duplex has 8 cars for 6 adults and a two car driveway.

The ground is still frozen so nothing going on outside in the Garden area. Found the Seeds I still have left. Will put the Rabbit Pellets in the Compost, that should help with bettering that and perhaps add the pellets in the soil too a few weeks before planting.