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How do I start this?

You might have guest what is coming next, yes, the Roof still leaks,

After we spend a bunch on money, used Roofers found on Angie’s List (and for the record INHO it’s next to worthless) followed the advice of experts on the tree’s around the home and possible issues of wicking  into the upper areas being carried out, I have no idea what is going on or what do do about it.

Some might suggest, to sell the house others simply pack up and walk away, let the bank have it.

Then too some folks are well silly. Better are them who used my efforts to save the home as a way to attack me for backing Scott Walker as if Walker had anything to do with perhaps dishonest contractors or a Goverment program exist to do something for everything that may happen.

I will say that the hit of 5K we must spend in added heath costs due to Obama Care is doing us no favors, nor the ever sky rocking taxes in the City of Racine

We have Home insurance with a great company I will be seeing if the our contact may have an idea or perhaps can offer a recourse to the poor workmanship. We will see.

Got a couple of idea here to look into but right now looks bleak