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So we got Urban Chickens in Racine.

Up to 4 Birds no Rosters pay a fee, get inspected very simple should be no issue to do and yes the Eggs will cost more then if you bought them in the Store.

The process took less then a year and unlike the P.C. Nutcases of the first effort I did not drop the ball nor when the fad fade away do something else the new in fad to hang out with my pals at Wilson’s in West Racine drink Coffee, as the in crowd prepares to micromanage the kids life and wonder why my husband has quit touching me.

Oh the new P.C. effort by the rich White Women? Ending Animal Agriculture it’s for the kids right? If they are not talking about that it’s talking about what they can do to make Meatless Monday minatory from no meat served in schools not allowing kids to bring say Sloopy Joes in the lunches and of course compelling Restaurants not to serve Meat after all again its for the Kids.

I simply worked with the Racine Heath Department The Bord of Heath and City Fathers, spoke at a few City Meetings talked to a few Aldermen.

There were two votes by the Aldermen for the 2nd Vote the pro Chicken side even picked up more Yes votes.

It’s not a perfect law in time perhaps we can change parts of the law such as allowing rental properties to have Chickens with the Landlords O.K.

Life to some is just a P.C. Day dream, I did the effort to get the Chickens here mainly as a gift to my wife since I will not get her on a Farm this life I can bring parts here and we will use the Eggs perhaps more interesting accounting efforts make our 4 Birds seam to be more like Six.

In a real TSHTF world be hard to keep any birds unless we used the Chamber in the Basement an area we could keep a few birds away from the outside safe from others.

More interesting to me this A.M. is living in a Food Desert is. See in West 6th St area in Racine in you do not have a Car getting fresh food for your family will be trying.

Today 4/25/15 being a Saturday there is no Bus to take you to a Store the nearest one: Save A Lot over a mile walk each way. Think how do you bring say 30 Lbs of food home maybe you have a Cart you can use perhaps you get your older kids to help or perhaps you simply use the Gas Station as your Food Store why buy Milk when Pop is Cheaper? Why buy fruit when you can buy  fruit flavored drinks its the same thing right?

Books have been written about Food Deserts the long term heath outcomes of the population living in them and I will not even begin to talk about what happens three days after the Gas Stations run out of Chips.

Of course the City of Racine who ended the Bus service due to cost has no clue after all the Population does not vote or is active in City issues act as well a population that consume services vs contribute to the over all function of the City and A population IMHO our Mayor would love to drive away from his White Downtown.

The Joys of living in the inner city  Racine WI