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The Dogs let me know this morning at 06:30 that the first Soccer  game of the year at Claton Park was going to take place today.

They did so by raising a fire storm how dare ANYONE even think of walking in their park without the Dogs O.K. or better yet coming by to pet them give them treats first!

I like seeing the games in the Park for not only when the kids show up to play the games do the Drug thugs stay away but afterword the teams clean the place up far better then they found it, no disrespect met to the Racine Parks not only with the Mayor’s budget cuts are they short staffed but how can they even think of keeping the Parks clean when we have thugs more then happy to just toss trash away on the ground as well as try and use the Parks to dump everything from Tires to old T.V. sets a sad sad piece of work.

At least the mostly Hispanic Teams do a great job in taking care of the Park when they are there many kids come to play since any of the drug thugs that show up are say convinced to go someplace else.

Again good to see, glad they are playing at the Park.

Hope to find a way to get a Porta-john down there so they have a place to use I know the City cant do much for: 1) The City has no money 2) Being mostly Hispanic no way I see our Mayor doing anything for them after all they just might come to the Downtown and scare the White folks!  Yes, IMHO he is that much of a Raciest.



Wife and I took the time since the temps got warmer then expected to clean up the lot across the street, that lead to cleaning or starting to clean up the Wood line on the South side of the lot into the Park a start only a start

The Lot gathers trash that not only blows around from the street but the trash from some of the Neighbors on Frank Ave who may not know how to close a lid on a Trash can.

All kinds of trash from pop cans to mail, from beer cans to baggies… The Photo above is the amount gathered in the first 15 or so minuets lot more to do. Will be doing more pick up in the A.M. for if we are not going to do it who will?