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So at first the Head wife thought doing anything more then plant Sun Flowers at 233 be a bad idea from a range of issues such as poor soil to no long term control of the property, we have now started to plant a Garden.

so far I have planted Potatoes, Sweet Corn, and prepped  an area for a Herb Garden, story is that Tomatoes will be joining the rest of the veggie when the wife buy some Tomato plants, a long time pal Ms. Kate Remington came by with a huge bunch of Sun Flower seeds, Thank You Kate!

I am only using the old seeds to plant and only out own created Compost at 233 I am not going to invest funds in a area I do not have control of and we could lose the use of anytime that be silly.

If all goes well we get I hope 200 Lbs of Potatoes and a few DZ ears of Sweat Corn Herbs for the Kitchen and Magic Shop.

The above for about $5.00 in Seeds and a few hours of work a week not bad.

I let my neighbors know what we are doing and offered my help if they like some or even some of my old seeds, they are about at the end of their useful life so why not let others use the rest what we may not?

Here I got Peppers started wife has Cucumbers going, also expanded the Potato experiment in the shade going using some very old seed Potatoes we will see what happens

And the roof leaks we will get into that far more trust me.