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The last few weeks went by very fast. Now with the leaves are turning, we are now thinking of the first snow fall and I for one am not looking forward to that not being a fan of Winter.

So looking back with events here could have been better biggest short coming was the Garden

Potatoes Goal was 100 Lbs harvested about 30 Lb due to Clay Fill in the lot garden that is an easy fix with the use of Compost with Rabbit Manure

At experiment One a rush to dig to soon next year be more patient

Bed 1/2 trying to get by with out using Seed Potatoes and not using any compost this is an easy fix more Compost and wait longer

Bed 4 needs to be changed out removing and giving the Asparagus roots to a a pal who is looking to add to his garden. The rest of the plants will be post in Compost Bed two to better deal with Weeds

On the good side the experiment to grow mushrooms at the Lot Garden was proven to work just need to scale up and place the rest of the Spawn I have in the lot even with the cooler days will see some running this will help to ready for spring planting.

The war on the wild grapes will continue will use rebar driven in the ground to better hold up the Arbor