The end of Winter


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Well guess we have not seen the end of Winter yet.

Looks like the last week or so of February will be cold as the rest of the month was.

Hope that March starts to warm up soon. Yes I do know we will still have until perhaps May before we can get in the Gardens and plant, however there is clean up still to do along with other chores.

This Winter did not see the snow that other places did we did get the cold.

Am thankful for less snow, the City of Racine cut back even more on snow removal (but not on the Mayor’s pals getting paid) having neighbors have not been very good at following the parking rules would have made things fun, but with less snow not a huge issue.

Early this month the House we here call the crazy house moved away we here all hope that where ever they might be that they all get the help that from what I and others observed they need badly.

The empty lot that was called 233 Jones is a lot listed for 12,5 after talking to the City few think that there will be a rush buy the lot.

With God only knowing what is in the soil at that location thinking other then Sunflowers be no effort to do much planting had my fill of dealing with contaminated soil.

Sun is up earlier sets later that is very cool to see.

Perhaps soon we will see the return of the Geese


Winter issues in West 6th St area


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First of all I must thank the City of Racine Public Works for the great job they have been doing with snow removal this Winter.

We only had two big snow storms that helps, still the City Public Works gutter by our Mayor to the Bone if not deeper has done a very very good job.

The mayor issue on Jones st comes from folks not following the alternative side parking preventing the City plows from doing snow removal, a few years ago this got so bad that Jones and Frank could not be driven on, the City had to close the streets in question and very cool equipment used to blow snow into HUGE trucks quite the effort to observe.

Not that bad this year just a bit trying at times but it is Winter in Wisconsin.

Soon it will be Spring and Mud season for a few weeks.


Side bar

Very surprised of others NOT in the Winter not having the basic tools in a car needed for safety that being

A few Blankets

A shovel

a few Candy Bars or the like

Park Plan Update


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Followed up with Tom by phone on Friday.

He had his meeting with the City of Racine City Administrator was told that NO money for RootWorks would be used for my Parks idea. I saw that coming after all this area of 6th St is 100 yards from the border of the Rootworks plan and well has far too many Blacks and Hispanics living in the neighborhood vs well off White that I and others see is why Rootworks is in existence for in other words Gentrification is key to making Rootworks successful making The Root River more accessible to Blacks and Hispanics is not part of this idea.

Mind you Tom did not say this, as others have said time and again   Gentrification is key to both Rootworks and the Uptown Plan for Racine.

Tom is going ahead to have staff come up with a cost for my idea as part of a plan to find grants that may allow this to move forward. He will also make the Parks board aware of my idea.

Once this takes place he thought the next step be to gather volunteers to see if the brush could be cleared out perhaps other artifacts be recovered to help explain what this pathway was.

My thanks to Tom for his help in this, he can only do so much so fast, I am very thankful for all he has done and information he has given me.

Rum Running on the Root River


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Did you say Rum running? Why yes I did!

From what I have gathered from my research at the Heritage Museum talks with those involved with the Racine Cemetery Board to the Racine Parks Department I believe that my home  was used to run booze during Prohibition!

We know that Lake Michigan was a highway to run booze from Canada into American Cities around the Great Lakes.

This was a welcome source of income to many out of work dock workers during the depression.

The City of Racine was a Booming Port City until after W.W. II when highways would take over but in the time frame of 1920-30’s a city with docks warehouses and best of all men looking for a day’s pay for a day’s work.

Prohibition was unpopular outside a few stops in Wisconsin many thinking that the Goverment had no right to stop a man from having a drink if he wanted one.

In Fact my Grandfather Dan Newkirk (my Mom’s side) not only made Moonshine but ran some from time to time, funny that on my Father’s side my Grandmother’s kin helped bring  Prohibition about.

Back to the Chateau! The men who built this house were big time Ship Captains on Lake Michigan, to about the mid 1930’s

This we know, we also know that until the 1990s there was a large Dock on The Root River less then 100 Yards from this house at the time we speak of the Root River at that point was much deeper I believe could not only handle the small Canoes that now ply the River this far from Lake Michigan but small ships of around 100-200 Tons.

As well there was a sheltered covered path that would prevent prying eyes from seeing a cargo loaded unto a ship on the river from the dock there!

This Cargo would have been floated on to Lake Michigan and a waiting Cargo ship or even kept on the smaller craft and sailed to perhaps Chicago or another city on the Great Lakes.

Very interesting ideas! As we see the City of Racine begin we hope to restore the old path into the area of the Root River perhaps we will find artifacts that may shed more light on this story.

I do hope to explore the area around the old dock to see what might be found.

When the snow clears some photos may help to show this better.

Random thoughts

Time for some random thoughts about the old Chateau,where we stand that sort of thing. The idea being is to do more writing on this blog for as I see things this blog is the most effective way of putting information out on the Chateau/happenings.

First we do some up dating I no longer write for   The Wisconsin Daily Independent, in fact have not done so for some time. I switched my blog to the Belle City Reporter, trying to post more stories on the nice things going on but I have found the public does not want to read about Boy Scouts or a bake sale would much rather read about this scandal or that crime unsure why just what I am finding out.

The Roof Patch we got that was going to fix the leak issue has not if we had the $$ we sue the contractor 1) we do not have the $$ to sue 2) would we be able to collect a judgement?

I must find away to explain to the head wife that you can not get good craftsmanship cheep, that that work also takes time. I do not have any idea how to even start that talk but its one we must have. One can not expect a skilled workman to work for free or be quick if you want the job done right.

We used Angie’s List to find the roofer and quickly found out that unlike what some would like you to think they do not check backgrounds or references that’s up to you (as it should be)

So the Roof is still a huge priory to get fixed other issues that need addressing are:

Cracks in the plaster ceilings

Water Damage in the upstairs bathroom

Water Damage in the Den ceiling

Restoring the Green House

Erosion of the Hillside

New Roof for the Garage (its got holes)

I could go on but it make me only more depressed then I am now


Parks Idea


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As you may know, I found evidence of some type of path leading from my end of Jones St into the Park land below

I have talked to both Aldermen and the Parks department about this.

Mr. Mobeck (sp?) has come over and took what I call the .50 tour of the bottom of this path came out in the early 1900’s. Tom also shared information on the Root River at the point in runs by my home.

We were going to talk long before we manged to do so the City Budget hearings with the holidays managed to postpone this until last week.

To make a long story short he liked my idea about the City adding 233 Jones St to the Park below to help create a path from this area of West 6th St Racine to Clayton Park.

This would allow tho things:

1) A way for residents of this area to access the Park/Root River without having to walk 6+blocks for a way to do so.

2) This would help preserve the Woodline and the Park from fools who will use the lot at 233 Jones for car repairs dumping Oil Anti Freeze etc on the land causing run off that would effect the Park and the Root River.

Tom, will be presenting this idea to City of Racine Leadership very soon if not all ready.

The Rootworks project calls for more access to the Root River this sure does that.

Keep you posted

Dr Fortune The Redo!


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As you know I removed Dr Fortune due to that idea not working out like I thought the project would do.

After much thought I will restart Dr. Fortune as Stage name for doing Tarot readings as well as Hoodoo/Root work.

This runs deep in my kin, should have given the idea far more time as well as put more time into promoting this.

Great thing is easy to restart. Must be careful in how and the tools used to promote Dr. Fortune along with what to offer.

Of course the Readings will be part of the effort along with Charms made to order. What else unsure I may do Candles Perfumes Soaps and the like.

Be a DR Fortune Page on this Blog today with a Facebook thinking not a blog but will see about the Twitter.

Lets rock this out!

Happy New Year


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Hope you all had a good New Year’s and the year is off to a good start.

Here not much is going on after the Zombie Houses went down. Got to nice big lots that will stay empty for sometime with 233 Jones Lot going for 24K for just the lot, will know Monday 1/12/15 if the City might get the lot to put with the Park both that lot and ours borders on, we will see.

The Empty lot now allow the City to see and deal with issues on Frank Ave due to a few owners not keeping up with trash clean up to basic repairs nor talking with the City for help to do so.

I am NO fan of the elected leadership of the City of Racine however the everyday City of Racine worker does a great job with the public very thankful to them for the efforts. IMHO if the property owners on Frank Ave called the City the property owners would find the city workers helpful.

Going into 2015 with many issues we had in 2014 the Roof still being one of them. Looks like the patch we paid $$ for is for shit, even with a signed contact I feel very little recourse without lots of $$ for lawyers, also think when we win would we be able to enforce a judgement?

Got a few idea going to try to earn $$ for the home repairs needed from Mushroom growing a Worm Farm to well writing E Books  something has got to change.

Some ideas failed Dr Fortune idea did not work out nor did the larger Garden the garden due to not having a truck  to use (far away to walk with my health issues) in fact I had to junk the truck.

I could bitch and gripe but why? What good does that do? Trust me it does NO good to bitch/gripe other then to add to issues to deal with.

Still fighting with the bill collectors over the V.A. the VA been very good over this the collectors not so much do not understand why as I was told they do not send the bill to the right V.A. office vs call me screaming I do not understand


Merry Xmas!




End of the year, getting ready fox Xmas with the Kids.

Will not be as big as in other years. Due to medical Bills and changes in Health Insurance we owe $$$$ that we have to pay then the amount wife pays to have it is more oh well.

Price of Gas has gone down.

Property Taxes is about what it was last year so that is good.

Waiting to hear back from the City about my ideas for the Pathway near the Chateau was told from the Head of the parks take a bit to get back with me after he took the tour He was a bit upset to see the trash in the Park from Frank Ave thinking we see good things.

On other fronts still the same trusting in God in so much, then with Xmas I think of all the things God has done for me/mine being Xmas He has shown time and again He does care far more then I think Faith can be hard

Anyway hope you and yours have the best Xmas ever and its not about the gifts we gave its about the Birth of Jesus with the Gift of His Birth and the Gift of Salvation

Merry Xmas

Zombie House II goes down




The City Contractors took this house down on the 12.

Unlike the first house the job went fast,contractors did a great job with communication left far less of a mess.

The rubble has to be removed if Friday was any judge that should pose little of an issue for them.

Best of all the Contractor worked with myself and the City to preserve an Iron Rail fence going back at least to 1900 if not longer.

With the permission of the contractor, we save windows to use a part of a cold frame a few tools to use in the Garden.

The Block looks very different with this Zombie house gone, we have taken steps to prevent dumping of trash on the lot or the lot being used as a parking space.

I understand that the city will use the lot to view Frank Ave from the West to start enforcement action on properties not even trying to pick up trash nor maintain yards.

Bonus this will be it’s own post the Parks department came by took the long tour became infected with the Chateau Fever very cool!

was wild seeing Mr. M eyes go wide as he saw the stone work, the old steps and more evidence that much work was done in the past by the ethnic groups living here in the early 1900’s