Chateau Clingman

My effort to restore my 105 year old home in slow decline, not a bitch fest.

Located in Racine WI This great house deserves no less then the best.

We live in one of the poorest area of Racine once know as The place to have a home, in the 50’s white flight then slum lords now a string of poor Mayors is wrecking whats left of the fair City.

We fight to rebuild the house and God Willing the Neighborhood.

Not an easy task like many we face life issue, my inability to find work but very happy and thankful for my part time opportunities for freelance writing and my deal pals willing to edit my work.

Continuing rising in Taxes/Fees with a decline in City services and city tax base.

I wish I could share with you what this area of Racine looked like in 1905 when this house was built


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