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Happy Easter to you and yours!

Spring is here, by the end of next week the ground should be thawed, be able to do more in the Gardens.

Lot of paper trash to clean up but that is an everyday thing. Far too many just toss the trash on the ground the wind gets it shows up here and well I get to clean it up.

You think after 16 Years of living here I be used to it but we are not gets real old real fast.  On a weekly bases I guess I must pick up a large Garbage bag of trash from gum wrappers to Junk mail tossed.

The two lots where we had homes that the City took down are starting to gather trash, Public Works in theory is cleaning up the lots but its theory the realty is with the Cut backs in City staffing there is no one to do the work. I guess I could but why should I when the City can find the $$ for our Mayor’s law suits (yes we are being sued yet again) but not the basic job of City Goverment.

Now that I have the issues fixed on doing Podcasting here I am thinking to restart the one I did on the Chateau in the day, with podcasting many obstacles I have in blogging are dealt with going to see what happens.

We got about 2 quarts of Syrup from the trees this year we have info that will let us get more next year.

Got a Angora Rabbit to learn how to use the Fiber of to learn how to make cloth. So far so good He has not eaten anyone yet     We will be bulding him a bigger pen The head wife thinks we can use one of the old dog pens outside to allow him to eat grass and perhaps a Rabbit tractor.

The Chicken Law gets voted on the 21 of the month