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As you may know, we are looking for ways to raise $$ to help restore the Chateau, we tried some Indy Go Go ideas that did not work out well, we tried explaining our needs and hope that bring in some money but not so much. We took down that page simply because we felt since it was not working be best not to keep that up.

As we are glad for the funds we did receive it was via use of 401K funds and Kin that 90% the restoration so far has been done.  Again we thank all of you who gave any money it all helps.

We have an Amazon Book Store link in case someone wants to get a book from that link we see a few $$  and we be grateful for anything.

That being said you also know of my starting to write an E-Book on the History of the Racine Harbor during the Gilded Age 1870-1910, as well as my pal’s Dr. Dean Bertum  love of the strange and mysteries in the great state of Wisconsin bonus if it has something to do with the Great Lakes.

in fact Dean made me start this Facebook page Under the Surface of the Great Lakes  https://www.facebook.com/UTS13

to gin up more interest.

Little did he and I know that my Kin from around the Baraboo WI area have an old treasure map from what is call the Lost French Trapper’s  Cache Story from the late 1700’s. The Story will be for another post. This is just up our alley and we can not only have some fun with this idea, help Dean know Central Wisconsin better but offer a fun way of donating $$ to help with the restoration and maybe just maybe get a share of Treasure!

For we are planing weekend trips to look for this treasure. Of course we will have to learn Dowsing and see if we can find old coins here at the Chateau how to work Metal Detectors and see what we can find at the Chateau of course visits to local Historical Centers to see what we can find out before our weekend trips.

I know I am looking to find Billions of $$$ but I think Dean wants to find Big Foot!