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As you know, jobs in Racine are hard to come by and what still is here are very low paying sadly I know Machinists in this City with years of experience who can not make $10 an hour. Sad but that’s the way it is in Racine WI,   at the same time I have started  doing Freelance work reporting news, not the best but better then a kick in the teeth.

Been doing a lot of thinking on what else I can do, this Stroke not helping since Racine Bus system has been gutted (but our Mayor can go the Mexico on our dime) so a car is needed if only to drive to and from a job site.

So what can I do to earn more money to help not only to pay the bills but further the cause of restoration of the Chateau?

You may not know (I have wrote about it) I like Farming have two large Gardens + experimented with growing Mushrooms. Add to this my love of good Hammer type Horror films and we then have Cthulhu Mushrooms (  http://ctulhumushrooms.wordpress.com/2014/02/25/cthulhu-mushrooms-is-awake/) I write (Poorly I know) but with the help of  others will try my hand at writing E Books, why the hell not?

I am planing that this effort brings in say $500 + a month why should this not work?

All I have to lose is a bit of time.

Thanks for reading